Thanks for stopping in at   Herein you may find either a Treasure Chest of delightful commentaries or a junk drawer of unusual and, I hope, amusing items. Either way, I will happily share them with you and hope you have fun. This site has grown from its original few sections to the unwieldy list you see above. Included in the above is SERMONS, which are, obviously, sermons I have written and preached and which I like to believe sound better than they read. 

There are two spin-off websites you are invited to visit as well;, a website dedicated to Children’s Moments I have given in church over the years and, dedicated to Gus Arriola and his wonderful Gordo comic strip. 

Please feel free to rummage around anywhere you wish, including the source for the name of this website (click on “A Brush With Greatness – with Relish!”). Unless noted elseways, all are original with me. Including the word “elseways.” I hope you find something of value. If you should need to reach me – although I can’t imagine why – I am at