In my many years behind the wheel, I have found three absolutes in driving. These are not “good tips” or “things to watch out for” – they are hard and fast rules and should be learned by every Driver.

ABSOLUTE DRIVING RULE #1 ALWAYS STAY BEHIND THE CAR IN FRONT OF YOU.  This metaphysical rule was given to me by Dick Edwards, the father of one of my best friends, Garen Edwards. It is the first Absolute Driving Rule I learned, back in the ‘70’s. It is also the best ADR there is.

ABSOLUTE DRIVING RULE #2 NEVER, EVER – UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES – NO MATTER WHAT – PUT YOUR KEYS IN THE TRUNK. Put them in your pocket, hold them in your mouth, drop them on the ground – but do NOT put them in the trunk. Once they are in the trunk, there is no such thing as “for just a second.” (Addendum to this rule. Do NOT put your keys in anything that you WILL THEN put in the trunk.  You’d think this was obvious, but, uh, … well, there’s a reason the rule was written.)

ABSOLUTE DRIVING RULE #3 NEVER DRIVE MORE THAN NINE MILES OVER THE POSTED SPEED LIMIT. This does not mean you SHOULD go nine miles over the Posted Speed Limit – just that you should never go MORE than nine miles over the Posted Speed Limit. I have never received a speeding ticket or been pulled over when observing this rule. I have been ticketed for going faster – and that is an expensive lesson. You will not get to your destination noticeably faster if you go 15 or even 20 miles over the speed limit and the risks of getting a ticket – or worse, violating ADR #1 – are significant. I have also never been in a situation where observing this Rule is dangerous because I am going slower than safety permits. Tangentially related to this, remember that if you see a police car in front of you, slow down. If you see a police car behind you, it’s too late.