​​Adapted from a line in HOOK, the Robin Williams/Dustin Hoffman movie about Peter Pan and Captain Hook.  Posted January 17, 2009

Last summer, my nephews, Chase and Devon, were at a campground lake. Although the road between the campground and the lake was very quiet, we warned them to be extra careful while crossing. Chase assured Devon that they would be safe.   “Stay close to me,” he said to his three-year old cousin.  “I’m five.” ​

Big ones looking after the little ones is not limited to age or size. A young person who knows more about something than an older person or a small person with the tools to help a larger person do not belie this rule.
“Big ones” – however you wish to define someone in that respect – should always look out for the “little ones.”

“Whoever is the greatest should be the servant of the others.”
Matthew 23:11

Tangentially related, Chase knows his numbers and that he is 5. He also recognizes the number 52 – my age. During a time together, I asked him, “Do you know why we are such good pals? It is because you are five … and I am five too!”  That number will change on January 20, 2009 and I would like to thank everyone who voted for Barack Obama in the swing states for the best present anyone could give me. The United States, for the past 100 years, has been “the big one who looks after the little one.” That part, in the greater picture, never changed. What will change is that we will be the “good guys” again. I look forward to that.

Subsequent to this original post, I have preached on this topic. I invite you to read the sermon at