Actor, Author, Preacher, Bon Vivant – is there no end to my talents? You be the judge. The song I wrote has finally been put to music!  Although an educated 4th grader has more musical talent than I have, through the miracle of Finale Notepad 2013, I was able to place each note as I hear it in my head onto the scales below. I am very proud of this. Whether or not anyone thinks it is any good, I think it is a very nice song.

But then my very talented nephew (okay, really step-second cousin, but let’s not go there), Connor Kegg has adapted this song to the point of “really good!” The biggest adaption he made – that I can understand – is in changing the time from 4/4 to 3/4. I think it really makes a difference, but what do I know? Nonetheless, thanks Connor!

I have no illusions as to this song; it is a gift to my daughter and I’m very pleased with it. If you want a printable copy of the song, double-click on each page. And Enjoy!

(music updated 3/11/2014)