Todd Helton with his wife and daughter

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If you know me, you know I am a not a Sports Guy. This was never more evident than in 2010, when I was in the Denver airport, annoying decent people while waiting for my flight, when a Mother and her young daughter sat down next me. The daughter had a dish of ice cream and I – never one to miss a chance to make a new friend and to eat ice cream – asked her if she brought me one. She giggled but declined to share, much to my disappointment and I told her I didn’t want her icky ice cream anyway. As the conversation continued, she introduced me to her little doll, “Fancy Nancy.” Naturally, I inquired if “Fancy Nancy had ants-ees in her pants-ees,” which sounds better than it reads and caused her great delight and I was required to repeat it many times. Her Mother said they were traveling to San Francisco to see the little girl’s Father. I thought, “How sad – the little girl has to travel all that way to see her Dad.”
I asked, “Where does he work?” and she said, “He plays for the Colorado Rockies.” And just to confirm what a Sports Guy I am, my first thought was, “Oh, he must be playing at Candlestick Park.” You know Candlestick Park. It is where the San Francisco Giants played – IN 1999! Since then, they have made their home at AT&T Park, still along the waterfront, but closer to downtown San Francisco.
Knowing my Manly-Man friend Ken Baca of Denver and my best friend/professional sports writer, Rick Chandler, would be interested, I asked her what her husband’s name is, so I could dazzle them.
“Todd Helton,” she said.
“Todd Hilton?” I asked.
“No,” she smiled “Helton.”
Apparently, he’s quite good –