Marjorie Marchant is about the most generous woman it would have been your pleasure to meet.  I am not speaking of generosity solely in the financial sense, but in the sharing of the amazing gift she has in making beautiful quilts.  I could tell you that she made hundreds of quilts over the years, but you would think “a couple of hundred.”  She made – and gave away – HUNDREDS of quilts.  These pieces of practical art were given to homeless shelters, church auctions, fund-raisers, and individuals who now have a beauty and warmth that was missing from their lives before.

The world is a better place because Marjorie Marchant was in it.  I strive every day to live up to that example.  We lost our beautiful Mom on January 18, 2014 at 88 years old.  She will be missed, of course, but when you leave behind something of lasting beauty, you will never truly be gone. The samples below are merely a “taste” of what she has done.  There is no pretense as to displaying them artfully and the quilts you see were chosen almost at random.  I hope these quilts warm your heart as they have warmed so many others.