Your COOL HAT CLUB Executive Board at our 2011 Christmas Gala.  Beards were optional.

Not only do the musicians get the Cool Hats, but apparently the hot chicks as well!  This is Blake Abbey with Jessie Brune behind him and they are The Musical Charis.  (And, no, that’s not a typo.  A Charis is one of the Graces, married to Hephaestus and don’t pretend you knew that.) Check ’em out at

Your COOL HAT CLUB Executive  Committee – Jim, Sami Jo, and Chase – at the Summer 2011 Board of Directors meeting.

This is my beautiful sister, Carol Caley Guida, whose photo was featured in the story she wrote for Ross Living Magazine (Ross, Calif)

Photo by Jeanette Vonier

What is it with musicians and cool hats?  Here is Zack from Sac – Sacramento, that is, playing a bass, with what looks like a porkpie or an upturned fedora.  You can catch Zack in town with his jazz combo, “The Afterlife,” as well as other bands in which he plays.


Being a member of the Cool Hat Club has no age minimum and can not only be fun but give you a sense of "I don't need your nonsense," as demonstrated by Jaxon here at his church's picnic.


In case there is any confusion, this explanation of the many styles of hats is provided by REMINISCE magazine. All styles are welcome in THE COOL HAT CLUB - the choice is yours!

OUR FOUNDER Frank P. Guida, wearing his trademark Australian Bushman hat.  He called it his “fan the fire, water the dog” hat and was rarely seen without it. 1919-2005

Are you interested in joining The Cool Hat Club?  Membership is easy – all you have to do is wear a hat on a regular basis.  Not a ball cap or a beanie or a yarmulke, but a full-brimmed head piece.  Sorry, Rabbi Cohen, Pope John Paul II and Queen Elizabeth – you can’t join.  And neither can those of you who once thought buying a Dr. Seuss hat was a good idea and you have the photo from the carnival to disprove it or who once dressed up as Zorro for Halloween.  It’s a hat you wear on a regular basis.  And if you don’t wear a hat, now would be the perfect time to start!  Why be someone with a sense of fashion, when you can be someone with a sense of style!
Other than that, there are no dues and no meetings. If you want to be in the club, then Welcome Friend!  If you want to, send us a photo of you in your hat.  We will post it, plus anything else you wish to share.
Have Fun!

Honorary Members of The Cool Hat Club … 












Rich, aka Dr. Empirical, is rockin’ with a Appalacian dulcimer in Lost River, West Virginia.  He is wearing a Failsworth bowler (the difference between a bowler and a derby is strictly which part of the Atlantic Ocean you are on – Bowlers are British, a Derby is American), purchased at Selfridges, a high end department store in England, in 1962 by his great uncle, after whom he was named. And no, Rich does not have two left arms – he’s just that good! 

Rick Phillips with future COOL HAT CLUB member. Hair bows, no matter how adorable, do not qualify for the Club. (photo enlarged from family picture. Rick is much less blurry in real life.)