You never want to tell a lie.  But what if you can’t tell the truth without hurting someone?  Here are three phrases you should have ready to respond to any number of awkward questions.  Use them as you see fit.

1.  “Well, that is certainly interesting.”  The most adaptable of the phrases, it can be used in response to a remarkably stupid comment, an amazingly unattractive picture, or an event so heinous to your common sense that you are caught off guard.  Be careful how you phrase this.  “Well, THAT is certainly interesting” comes off as insincere.  You ARE insincere, but you don’t want to come off as such.  And “Well, that certainly is interesting,” invites further conversation, which you absolutely want to avoid.

2.  “Isn’t that colorful?”  Can be used best in regard to pictures, paintings and clothing.  You can then engage in a conversation about the choices the artist made, which will eventually bring you to Response #1.

3.  “On you it looks good.”  That must be followed with “Oh, look – here are some more.  Why don’t you try this on too?”  This can lead you to Response #2, which, in turn… well, you know.

Well, what do you think?  Isn’t this post interesting?