In the summer of 2004 we were vacationing in Lake Tahoe when Sami and I saw the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile at a supermarket parking lot. We were chatting with the drivers who said they were planning to stop in Sacramento, so we invited them to our house for a home-cooked dinner.
A few days later, they pulled up in the Weinermobile, all 27 feet of it, much to the delight of ourselves and our neighbors. The drivers were very gracious and when Sami said she was sorry she had to leave for soccer practice, they offered to give her a ride! A short time later, at Sam Brannan Jr. High School, Coach Dan Harris was reviewing the team roster.  As a giant, bright orange and yellow hot dog rolled into the school parking lot, Dan looked up, commented, "Must be Guida,” and returned to his clipboard.

A Brush with Greatness - with Relish!